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"Never fear the truth, even if it's not the truth you believe."

Death Throes

So I haven't said much since the election, but now I just gotta make an observation. When Trump was elected I was shocked enough just by the fact he got as far as he did and got elected. But what... Continue Reading →


Post Thanksgiving Thoughts

As always when Thanksgiving comes around people talk about being grateful and thankful.  I too do this, but for me it's different.  I hear all day long about being thankful to God for stuff he really didn't accomplish or help... Continue Reading →

A little fun

My Unbelief

During my vacation it was revealed the cult like religious environment I was raised in.  My girlfriend now understands why I avoid religion and don't believe.  In talking to her about it I stated that I don't believe without evidence because... Continue Reading →

About the previous posts!

All the posts here were copied over from a blog site that I used to use a long time ago. They were all originally posted between 2008 and 2010.  It was at this time I was coming to the realization... Continue Reading →

The Power of God

According to the Bible and Christians, God created the earth and universe in just six days. Let us take a good look at this. Let's assume that this god did indeed create the universe. Then he would have to have... Continue Reading →

Finding God’s Will

All my life as a Christian I was told to find God's will. I had no idea in the beginning what that was or how to do it. Any attempt to find out resulted in me being pushed aside so... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter to Humanity – God’s Turn

OK, I get it now. You're not happy. But how is that my fault? OK, so I created Satan and his angles, and I could have easily destroyed them or thrown them in prison, but I chose to let the... Continue Reading →

Bananas for God

We have all probably seen the video by now of Ray Comfort using a banana to prove god's design and to prove that god exists. Yes I am now using god in lower case. This video is a hilarious video... Continue Reading →

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