All the posts here were copied over from a blog site that I used to use a long time ago. They were all originally posted between 2008 and 2010.  It was at this time I was coming to the realization that religion was a farce and it was time to let go.

It was a difficult journey as everything I once believed in had to be re-evaluated and many of the religious books I collected were disposed of over time, including my Bible.  It has been a long journey that started in Washington state and then I find myself now in Mississippi starting over.

Sure you could blame my lack of religion and being an atheist as the cause for my divorce and life falling apart, but what about the many faithful God fearing Christians who also go through the same thing?

In the end, being taught I was a worthless sinner and to seek God’s will in my life and disregard any “worldly” opportunity is what lead me down this destructive path.  Al the times I could’ve worked on my self-esteem, taken various training classes or gone to school and may other chances to improve my life were all passed up because I was seeking God and not self-fulfillment.

Now it is all different. Now I seek to improve upon myself with counseling, working on bettering my career and moving forward in my life.  This includes helping others when the need arises.  Finding a way to give to someone who is in need and do humanitarian work as I find it to do.  This is not for God’s glory or even my glory, but because I feel it is the right thing to do and it’s as simple as that.  If you serve others out of fear of hell or reward of heaven or because it impresses your god (or others) then I seriously doubt your morality and humanity.

So here we are in the finally months of 2016 with 2017 just around the corner.  I lost myself in 2012 and found me again in 2015, but now I am on a fantastic journey of real self-discovery and the realization that I am finally taking control of my life and becoming who and what I am meant to be.

The Mississippi Atheist.