During my vacation it was revealed the cult like religious environment I was raised in.  My girlfriend now understands why I avoid religion and don’t believe.  In talking to her about it I stated that I don’t believe without evidence because so much that was taught, was a clear lie to control me and my life.

I now approach all belief with the quest for evidence to support that belief. Some generic story about some missionary in some remote country is not evidence especially when so many details are missing.

Even so called paranormal experiences I have had are in question and I hope to investigate further and probably debunk it.  But it won’t be Ghost Hunters style, but rather in a way the evidence can’t be questioned.

Ghost hunters is very sloppy using equipment in ways not intended and achieving erroneous results that can be easily explained or debunked.

I will use equipment for it’s intended purpose and in a way to research and debunk/prove my findings.  I just need to find the right equipment.  That is the science part of it.

As for speaking in tongues, prayer, faith healing and so on…no real evidence has been provided.  Any evidence given is easily debunked and disproved.

Most people fear and shun doubt, I finally trusted, embraced and followed it and in doing so, saw so much that was wrong and set myself free.  Free to think and live my life as I saw fit, not some preacher who’s only agenda was for me to do his work, not God’s.

I am more free than most will ever be.