So I haven’t said much since the election, but now I just gotta make an observation.

When Trump was elected I was shocked enough just by the fact he got as far as he did and got elected. But what shocked me more was the number of Christian friends and family members praising God he got elected. These are people that I had great respect for on top of that.

It is my observation that Christianity has gotten desperate to the point that people like Donald Trump are looked up to as godly and righteous even though his past is far from any of that.

We are seeing the death throes of Christianity as Christians and churches try desperately to hang on and survive. Over the years there has been a “great falling away” as predicted in the Bible (More on this later), but Jesus has failed to return. Christians fear becoming a minority and always like to act as if they are being persecuted. Yes because shoving your religion down my throat after I said I’m not interested, and me finally having to go off on you makes you persecuted!

Mega-churches with programs for everything and everyone, feel good sermons, hip and cool pastors, rocking music, promises of prosperity and the list goes on of gimmicks and attempts to get people to join and stay in church. The churches are running out of ideas and gimmicks fast!

They will grasp onto any glimmer of hope of survival and still no Jesus in site. I read somewhere that for every 1,000 churches that open, 4,000 close their doors. Not sure if that is correct but if it is, church is in trouble. We did lose the Crystal Cathedral after all.

The message of hope once preached has soured and people, me included, are tired of fluff feel good sermons with no real content. The average Christian can barley last a week out of church and is literately desperate for their next booster shot on next Sunday. Sad.

Trump is just another nail in the coffin of an ever dying religion. Now we are in the age of information that allows us to truly think for ourselves and research the truth about many things. We can now research people like Jack Hyles and see them for the lying charlatans they were and church leaders don’t like it. Their secrets are getting too hard to hide.

In the 70s and 80s I would’ve never acquired the book collection I have now nor would I have researched as I have now as the churches had all the control of information and kept me pacified.

The game is almost over and Jesus is losing big time. Strange things are afoot at the Circle K and it ain’t good for Christianity.

I am so glad I bolted when I had the chance and never looked back…except for the one time because of this cute Christian gal…but I’ve come to my senses now.