Question.  Who are you really?
Answer. I am a meat Popsicle.  No seriously, I prefer to stay anonymous for now being I am in THE most religious state in the US.

Question. What stops you from killing or raping people?
Answer. Well for one I’m not a priest, but seriously, the same thing that stops you…morals.  You don’t need religion to have morals and be a decent person.  Just ask the 90% prison population that identifies as religious.  This is really one of the dumbest questions ever asked an atheist and shows nothing more than blatant ignorance.

Question. What makes you think you’re a good person?
Answer. Making good choices, being decent to my fellow human being, helping others when I can and just being an all out nice guy.  I don’t need promise of heaven or threat of hell to be a good person and if you do I seriously question your morals and whether you’re really a good person.

Question.  So you believe the universe and the earth were created out of nothing then?
Answer.  No, that is creationism that teaches the earth, the universe and so on were all suddenly spoken into existence from nothing by a magical being who was just bored one day and then proceeded to lose control of the whole thing because two people he created did evil even before they understood what it was and then….OMG I am getting a headache!  In reality, science and evolution never really say something from nothing, we just don’t know, but the fact is the God of the Bible is just too incompetent to really pull this off!

Question.  Well if evolution is true then why doesn’t this can of oil turn into a car?
Answer.  Yes I’ve been asked this insane question.  How about you ask your God to create a car from nothing since that is right up his alley?

Statement.  Well you just didn’t have enough faith in God’s power.
Reply.  According to Mark 16:18 and believe in Christ should be able to drink poison and not die or be hurt.  Would you like one box of d-Con or two?  There are plenty of lethal plants down here in Mississippi.  I would be happy to supply you some poison to ingest as a demonstration of your God’s power, and your faith, as promised in the Bible.

Statement.  God is not a magician or genie nor does he need to prove himself.
Reply.  Did you get that Moses?  How many times has God or Jesus performed miracles in the Bible to prove their power?  Plenty!  Now, about that d-Con..

Statement.  God is unconditional love.
Reply. No he isn’t!  Threatening me with hell if I refuse that love is not unconditional.  It’s like a man pointing a gun at a woman and telling her to love him or he pulls the trigger.

Statement.  Well you just didn’t go to the right church/congregation.  Mine is totally different and we have the real deal.
Reply. Nope, you’re not any different than the rest who say the same thing.!  Every church, congregation, religion will all say they are different when in reality they are not all that different from one another.  Every church is the most friendliest, spirit filled, righteous….yadda yadda yadda…

Statement.  Well you weren’t really a Christian then and were never saved!
Reply.  How would you know?  Have we met?  I was totally Christian and knew in my heart at one point Jesus saved.  Besides, you don’t know me or what I went through or what my Christian life was like so you can’t judge me anymore than I can judge you.