I started out going to church on the Sunday school bus as a child.  When I was a teen my mother and step-dad took me to church where I was ‘saved”.

Over the years as I attended church as a ten and adult I started to feel this lingering doubt and felt that something was terrible wrong.  At first I did as all Christians did and blamed Satan and renewed my faith many times.  But I couldn’t get past the nagging issue something just didn’t add up.

It wasn’t until my late thirties and early forties that I finally started to follow and listen to the doubt and this burning in my mind, and so began a journey that many Christians fear, but I was ready to explore and follow and see where it lead.

Over the years I have grown to wonder how I ever swallowed Christianity and the Bible in the first place when I finally see both through open eyes and realize just how ludicrous it all is.

So now I focus on healing from the sexual, mental, and sometimes physical abuse of my parents as well as the religious abuse that was dealt me through them and the church. My mind has begun to clear as I go through counseling to finally deal with all that has gone into my head throughout my life.

I considered myself agnostic for along time, but now am at the point where I am fully atheist.  You call me lost, I call me free at last!

The Mississippi Atheist – aka Tinman