I Trusted The Doubt – The Mississippi Atheist

"Never fear the truth, even if it's not the truth you believe."

The Aftermath

All of us at this site either are at that point or past that point where we finally stopped doing the Xian thing. We feel that sense of loss, frustration and anger for what we have been through and given... Continue Reading →


Are We a Hateful Bunch?

In my last post we had a Christian show up (tlig_org) who posted the usual Christian stuff then he got blasted by me and a few others from this site. He tried to challenge my claim that my life is... Continue Reading →

Give Me Reason

So here I am. My life is good, not perfect, but good.  I have food in the fridge and my bills are paid. This all has come about AFTER quitting church. My “godly” examples that surround me, friends, family and... Continue Reading →

Does this make sense to you? It makes sense to Christians!

You have two children. A son and a daughter. You place a bowl of candy in front of them and tell them not to touch it. You leave the room. They give in and eat the candy, you come in... Continue Reading →

The Little Christian Who Cried Wolf

You've probably have heard the term “Crying Wolf” before. Here is the origin of that term. It is an old Aesop fable. One of my favorites. “A bored Shepard boy who entertained himself by calling out “Wolf!". Nearby villagers who... Continue Reading →

Why I Moved to Linux

Now wait a minute Neal! This isn't a computer site, it's an Ex-Christian site for people who have left Christianity and Religion. Linux is a computer thing and has nothing to do with religion or leaving it for that matter.... Continue Reading →

Churches have too much money

Last Sunday I was out biking and was cutting through the local college campus (St Martin's U. in Lacey) when I came across an old car show. I rode around taking pictures and then left through the front entrance of... Continue Reading →

Faith and the Chair Argument

When Christians go out “witnessing” they often will challenge someone who isn't interested with the chair argument. The idea is if you resist faith in god, then they say use the chair argument saying that “you have faith to sit... Continue Reading →

It’s just not God’s Will

We've all heard it before. We prayed for a miracle and no answer. We are often told that if God doesn't provide an answer then it must not be his will. This is nothing but a sorry excuse. I have... Continue Reading →

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